Football Research – International, Interdisciplinary, Indispensable!

Welcome to the website of FREE, an innovative and collaborative European research project on football (est. 2012)!

Football is an amazing and intriguing game – whether you like it or not, you can hardly escape its presence in the public sphere. It definitely has become a major topic of the social sciences, and it is not surprising that the FREE network of researchers brings together European academics from many different disciplines of the social sciences and humanities.

What they have in common is the firm belief that football has important things to say about Europe and its citizens. Designed and launched as response to a call for proposals about ‘The Anthropology of European Integration’, the FREE Project was supported between 2012 and 2015 by the 7th Framework Programme for Research of the European Union. Following its concluding conference in Brussels in March 2015 it now continues its exploration of the multiple socio-cultural, historical and political dimensions of the ‘Beautiful Game’ as self-sustained network. This website provides a regularly updated overview on their research work, events and publications.

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The FREE team